An Adventure of natural pixels!

Hello August, goodbye everyone!

Choose your next destination, it’s not too late to enjoy the Scottish summer. Surely this is a good time to get caught up in the enigmatic landscapes offered by Glenesk. As a sample of a button, we invite you to visit Carlochy a small loch surrounded by soft mountains that at this time are adorned with its best summer costume of emerald-green ferns and mosses that contrasts with the deep blue of its water. All an adventure of natural pixels that colour the soul. From House of Mark we invite you to know this beautiful corner of the Cairngorms National Park.

December and the intimacy of the soul

For many, December sounds like a noisy avalanche of snow filled with stress from the ups and downs of holidays, gift shopping, meal preparations, visits to family and friends,  and many more. For others, December evokes memories, tranquillity, peace, intimacy.

20180213_162841 (2)

In order to achieve this, they yearn to be in a magical place that takes them away from worldly noise and brings them closer to the essence of life: happinessHouse of Mark is the ideal place to find the intimacy of the soul. There you will be sheltered with the cosy blanket of tranquillity, the hot chocolate of peace and a friendly family warmth. Come and visit us.

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House of Mark and House of Mark Cottage in winter season