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Rocks of Solitude river walk, Edzell (Blue door Walk)

One of the most scenic place in East Scotland away from the coast

At Edzell there is a path (well known as The blue door walk) that follows along the river North Esk upstream as it squeezes through an impressive gorge. There are a few picturesque bridges along the way and some wooden benches to rest. The walk is easy and can be done in well under 2-3 hours, depending on how far you want to go.

A very scenic experience

There are many stunning riverside views on this walk from the pleasant Angus town of Edzell, located on the border between Angus and Aberdeenshire at the entrance to the high ground of Glen Esk. This walk it takes about 10 km and it should be noted that there are sections where there are steep drops to the river, sometimes with fenced barriers, sometimes not. However, the route is quite safe if normal levels of care and attention are applied by the walker.

A powerful surging river

Throughout, the river walk alternates between surging rapids, deep pools, wide shallows, waterfalls, salmon leap, steep sides and canoeists it has all here making for a very scenic experience.

The Blue Door is about a mile out of Edzell towards Fettercairn at the entrance route to Glen Esk. From House of Mark you need to drive to Edzell (30-minute drive) and start your journey through to this magical bright blue door

All Photos by Bill Higham (https://www.flickr.com/photos/22691568@N04/)

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