The Maule Monument

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The conical stone monument

Was built in 1866 by Fox Maule, 11th Earl of Dalhousie

The Rowan Tower properly called the Maule Cairn, it’s a prominent memorial at the summit of the Hill of Rowan in Glenesk. The Maule Monument was built in 1866 by Fox Maule Ramsay, 11th Earl of Dalhousie and 2nd Baron of Panmure. It was erected in memory of seven members of his family who had died, including his brother Lauderdale Maule, M.P., who died of cholera during the Crimean War. Built by Robert Dinnie of Birse, who also built a bridge at Gleneffock and helped to build the Maule Memorial Church.

The tower stands 50 feet high and 38 feet in diameter, and was largely rebuilt in 1887 after a slip. This work was done by Stewart Porter of Cuttlehaugh, who was an apprentice to Robert Dinnie.

The conical stone monument can be seen from far off and it is about a 45-minute walk (3 kilometres) from House of Mark.

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The picturesque settlement of Glenesk is the location of House of Mark which, offers accommodation for the many walkers & climbers who enjoy the magnificent scenery of this area.