Queen’s Well

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The stone crown at Queen’s Well

The Queen’s Well is a crown shaped monument built over a spring well in Glen Mark. It was built to commemorate a visit made to Invermark Lodge, in September 1861, by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They made the journey from Balmoral to Glenesk over Mount Keen on horseback and stopped at the well to drink.

Surrounding Glen Mark

Follow Queen’s Victoria route into the Angus hills

From the House of Mark follow the path and through the trees to the open ground. The Water of Mark is never far away to your left. The hills gradually close in as you walk up the glen.

After 3.5 km (2 miles) on the track you reach the Queen’s well, an ornate little stones crown. Queen Victoria greatly enjoyed exploring the hills from her highland home at Balmoral, and she came this way in September 1861.

Glen Mark continues to the left with imposing crags rising steeply above it. A path runs on to Balnamoon’s cave, a cleft in the rocks. Then the main track passes Glenmark cottage and then rises in steep zig-zags to begin the climb of Mount Keen (939 m), Scotland’s most easterly munro and regular target for hill-walkers.

Return along the same track from the well to House of Mark.

Distance: 8 km (5 miles)

Time: 2 hours

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