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Great place to explore

Edzell Castle is a ruined 16th-century castle, with an early-17th-century walled garden. It is located close to Edzell, and is around 5 miles (8 km) north of Brechin, in Angus, Scotland.

Free for Historic Scotland members – and English Heritage, this was a great castle. Loads of interesting history and a garden unique to Scotland. Loads to see and a great place for a picnic.

Its highlight is the great garden added in 1604, which has enclosing walls featuring decoration unique in Britain

The castle is so peaceful. Its stones are a beautiful red with light streaking – quite unique. There are secure, wooden stairs so you can climb up high, explore all the rooms, and view the lovely countryside. It stands alone in a field with magnificent gardens and also flowers embedded in the walls. There is a resident peacock! The summer house in the corner is adorable. There’s a little museum in the gift shop house that is informative about the Lindsay family, the castle, and castle building in general. Highly recommended.

All Pictures by Colin Baird https://www.cyclingscot.co.uk/

Edzell, by Brechin, Angus, DD9 7UE

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