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Let your countryside adventure begin!

Find out where to go and what to do, and discover the outstanding countryside in Angus

Enjoy the many fascinating visitor attractions, go on a bike ride through the countryside, explore the mountains and beauty spots and make memories that will last a lifetime

There are fantastic walks from our doorstep, on the route to The Queen’s Well and Mount Keen, Loch Lee is also nearby. Find out where to go and what to do, and discover the outstanding countryside in Angus. The attractions are listed in no particular order, as they are all amazing places that deserve a visit.

Angus Glens

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rolling hills and glens, explore the area by bike, many things to see and do in Angus!

Dunnottar Castle

A romantic and historically significant ruined Castle, perched on a giant rock on the edge of the North Sea.


Glen Esk (or Glenesk) is one of the most beautiful Angus glens that penetrate into the eastern side of the Scottish Highlands

Loch Lee

Loch Lee (from the Gaelic, the loch of the flood place) is a loch in Glenesk, Angus, south of the Grampian Mountains

Mount Keen

If you like to get up high and enjoy a bit of solitude on your walks then, Mount Keen is a good place to go.

Maule Monument

The Rowan Tower also called the Maule Cairn, it’s a memorial at the summit of the Hill of Rowan in Glenesk.


Home to some of the best courses in Scotland the region stretches across the ancient county of Angus.

Edzell Castle & gardens

Edzell Castle is a ruined 16th-century castle, with an early-17th-century walled garden, in Edzell, a picturesque town in Angus.


Fishing in Scotland is world-famous and offers a wide range of loch, river, and sea fishing. Explore the prolific river North Esk in Angus.

Rock of solitude

At Edzell there is a path (The blue door walk) that follows along the river North Esk upstream as it squeezes through an impressive gorge.

River North Esk

Up by Invermark , where Glen Lee and Glen Mark meet to become Glen Esk, the famous salmon river, the magnificent North Esk is born.


Glenesk has a rich natural history. From the mystical landscapes of the Highlands to the beauty of the Borders, it has plenty of sights on offer!

Queens Well

From the House of Mark follow the path and through the trees to the open ground. The Water of Mark is never far away to your left.

Invermark Castle

The outbuildings were removed about 1803 to supply materials for building the Lochee Church and Mansenow the fabulous House of Mark).

Lochlee Paris Church

Lochlee Parish Church is one of the three churches remaining in beautiful and quiet Glenesk. It is famous for its commonwealth war graves.

The Cairngorms

The Cairngorms National Park was established in September 2003.  It is home to 16,000 people and 25% of Britain’s threatened species.

Glamis Castle

The number one tourist attraction in Angus only 40 miles from the House of Mark (1 hour and 5 min)

Mountain Biking

Cycle from Ballater to Invermark over Mount Keen a fantastic cycle with varied tracks and scenery to enjoy to the fullest!

Falls of Unich

Scenic falls in a remote location in Glen Lee, the eastern highlands of Scotland only accessible by foot.

Distilleries Tours

Enjoy the artisan drinks revolution in Scotland. Angus has an excellent range of spirits like whisky, vodka and gin.

Discover More

Walkers and cyclists can enjoy the roads and tracks in and around Glenesk and for sightseers, you can also visit Glamis Castle or spend a day sightseeing and shopping in Dundee or Aberdeen.