June 2012

I find occasionally I need time to myself to reflect on life and generally think things through, we probably all do, don’t we? Glenesk is an ideal place to have some solitude for a few hours.  With my soul mates at my side (Zoe and Lola, my dogs) as company, I set off to make my first visit to The Queen’s Well.

IMG_0150-EFFECTS - Copy (2)
Queen’s well

An overcast day, fine drizzle and low cloud I followed the path with the Water of Mark on my left, not far before I spied a small herd of red deer approximately 150 yards away I sat on a rock to watch them  for a few minutes grazing at the side of the water what an amazing sight.  How lucky I am to have such wonderful wildlife on the doorstep.  Time to move on and after about 30 minutes of easy walking I suddenly see the ‘stone crown’ in the distance, a strange feeling came over me thinking that I was on the same path as Queen Victoria used to ride.

For those of you visiting this part of the world, it is well worth visiting the Queen’s Well.  My venture taking less than a couple of hours in total with the occasional stop,  binoculars at the ready, then returning home feeling refreshed and at peace with the world, new ideas in my head and two sleepy girls ready to stretch out in their beds.